Gender Dialogues

Interdisciplinary Forum for Young Scholars

Although feminist, gender, and queer approaches are a strong current in the humanities, they seem scattered. And especially as a doctoral student, you sometimes feel like a lone wolf.
We want to provide an opportunity for young scholars from different departments to discuss their own challenges, to develop their perspectives and to inspire each other on a regular basis.

The interdisciplinary forum „Gender Dialogues“ emerged from two conferences organized by the Center for Gender Studies (Charles University Prague). It is aimed at PhD students from different disciplines who apply feminist, gender and queer-specific approaches in their dissertation project, especially from the fields of literary and theatre studies, philosophy, aesthetics, art history, musicology, linguistics, translation studies, history, anthropology and media studies. Scholars from art schools are also strongly encouraged to attend.

Our Goals

  • Discussion of theoretical and methodological challenges
  • Creating space for sharing tools, ideas, and experiences
  • Inspiration through new (interdisciplinary) perspectives
  • Further development of the own dissertation project
  • Input from external experts
  • International networking opportunities
  • Exchange at doctoral level in a „safe space“
  • Self-reflection of one’s own research personality
  • Workshops and meetings on a regular basis

Contact and further information

Mgr. Nikola Bečanová (Department of Czech and Comparative Literature, Faculty of Arts, Charles University):

Magdalena Eriksröd-Burger, M.A. M.Sc. (Slavic Art and Cultural Studies, University of Bamberg):

Report from the first meeting

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