Výuka v letním semestru

V letním semetru 2020/2021 doporučujeme následující kurzy na FF UK:

Feminist and Queer Theory in Contemporary Art in Central and Eastern Europe

Teacher: Mgr. Zuzana Štefková, Ph.D.

Class Time: Tuesday 12:30 – 14:00

Semester duration: February 16 – May 11

Course Description:

The course seeks to introduce students to the richness and diversity of feminist and queer theory in relation to a vast array of examples of contemporary art produced in Central and Eastern Europe. The course will combine lecture format with reading and interpretation of selected texts dealing with a broad variety of topics ranging from identity, embodiment, race, sexuality, authorship, institutional critique, to spectacle and gaze, among others. Students will be encouraged to analyse ideological inscriptions and the effects of the sex/gender system and heteronormativity and invited to challenge the related overlapping, and contradictory systems of power that shape our lives and actions.

Gender History of the Soviet Union

Teacher: Ivan Simic, M.A., Ph.D.

Class Time: Thursdays 17:30 – 19:05 via Zoom

Semester Duration: February 16 – May 11

Course Description:

This course introduces students to major themes in the field of Soviet women’s and gender history. Covering the period from the revolution to the collapse of the country, the course examines experiences, identities and gender relations.

Among many topics, the course will explore issues such as work, family roles, maternity, fatherhood, sexuality, sex-work, abortion, political engagement, gender representations in posters and films, etc. Students will be marked by their participation, presentation and final essay.

All readings are in English.

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